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The idea of Good Vibe Tribe formed in Spring 2015 while dancing around colorful lit-up spaces, filled with loud bass, nasty beats, and thousands of festival goers that shared the same love for the house and techno scene. Good Vibe Tribe has traveled the United States and abroad attending many festivals and events building relationships and spreading our fun vibrations filled with positivity, and good intentions.

Our mission is to provide great music, a platform for artist (musical and otherwise) to showcase their talents, a positive atmosphere for you and your friends to escape the mundane rituals of everyday life, and express your individuality. We strive to create and share a magical space where time is lost as you find yourself surrounded by an uplifting atmosphere of people you can now call family.

We are a family of DJs, Producers, Artist, Music Lovers and Friends that want to share with you this experience we call LIFE! Join us in our excitement for what we have in store and be part of the Good Vibe Tribe Experience!