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Operations Manager

Born in the 90’s Antonio grew up enjoying a wide variety of music genres. In 2007 he discovered his fondness for house music after attending a massive event in Southern California where the music scene was booming. As years went on, he sifted through the many different sounds of music, and found that Deep House, Tribal House, and Techno moved his spirit the most. In fall 2014 he was given the opportunity to attend and volunteer at his first conscious music festival that impacted his life in such a vigorous way. After being exposed to such a fun, happy, loving, family feeling environment, he knew that he needed to be a part of this movement, and continued attending future festivals. Later approached with an invitation to be a part of the GVT family as a Staff Supervisor and Artistic Director, Antonio with great enthusiasm accepted the challenge. Aligned with Good Vibe Tribe’s vision, he has a strong desire to positively impact the lives of others, and share his love for the conscious movement of good intentions, self-love, and expression!

“It’s not about action….It’s about vibrational alignment” -Abraham Hicks