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Founder & DJ

A New York City native, Don discovered the music scene in 2002 while serving in the U.S. Air Force in New Mexico. New to this desert region of the country this city boy was on the prowl to find events to bring excitement to his weekends. It was during his weekly weekend excursions to Texas where he first discovered his love for dance music. Wanting to share this love with the rest of his friends, Don acquired his first set of turntables and began DJing house parties and small events. Wanting to share his experiences with the masses, in 2003 Don started producing dance music events on military installations as fund raisers, and raised thousands of dollars benefiting military organizations. Having produced events in New Mexico, Texas, and North Carolina, in 2006 Don took a back seat to the scene to focus on his education and career in Aviation.

Relocating to the “best coast” in 2007, Don frequented many massives mostly of the main stream music scene. In 2012 he was introduced his first underground desert gathering where he found himself surrounded by loving souls expressing themselves through dance as Deep House & Techno beats took over the desert night. Moved and ignited by his experiences in the underground realizing this was home, Don switched things up and began playing Techno & Deep House Music during his sets and as he puts it wanted to “play music that touched the soul!” As many groups do, Don and his friends began referring to themselves as The Good Vibe Tribe and in early 2015 decided it was time to contribute to a community of people that helped to foster his own personal transformation experience. His goal is to create events that hold a space where people can share in his love for music, freely express themselves, while providing the resources and tools necessary to lead others on their own healing journey!

“Live Life, Make Memories, and Through Good Intentions Better The Lives of Others Around you!” – Don George