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Shany comes from 7,568 miles away, originally from a Muslim country where “partying” as we know it, is forbidden. Emerging from Tehran, Iran, a patriarchal part of the world where many, if not most people struggle to leave in search of a brighter future, where most women don’t follow a career or even move out on their own, Shamiran Sateri, beat the odds.
Iran is a country where being a dj and or involved in clandestine parties comes with a very real and very Big risk of getting arrested for breaking the law. In Tehran, the optimal underground party experience takes place far out in nature, where celebrations sometimes go on for several days so as to make the imperil act of gathering for music worth it; and from the years 2000-2006 DJ Shany, the only female dj in a band of male dj’s, took part in contributing to some of the BEST underground parties to hit the land of the Persian Empire. Shany’s intrepid spirit eventually led her to the south beach city of Bodrum,Turkey where she earned and held seasonal residency through 2008, at the Rixos Premium Bodrum Hotels. Her experience with the sound, light and entertainment department of the Rixos helped open doors for her as she continued w her travels and she ultimately landed some spasmodic gigs at Zoom at Hudrin beach in Kohpangan,Thailand, and she developed a sincere passion for playing and mixing music, thanks to these feats.

In 2010 Shany won a Green Card lottery (which only takes place once a year for over 350,00 people) that a family member had signed her up for, and she took it as a sign from a higher power, to come to the US. She moved here alone, with very little possessions, and started her life over. In 2014 Shany made her way to Black Rock City all by herself and it was there that she found what had been calling all along, her BURN. Burning Man provided for her a life defining experience that has strongly motivated her to further evolve as a dj. The ferocious driving sounds that her Burner counterparts were pumping out of the massive sound systems, roused a determination in her to continue her quest towards making her mark in the art of playing music for people to dance to.

Since then she has plunged into the LA Underground, forging strong connections with the SoCal desert tribes and West Coast festival scene. Shany’s independent spirit, bold nature, intelligence and powerful background have landed her affiliations with: Bright People, Galactivated Goddess Temple, Undercurrent Collective, and now Good Vibe Tribe!